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Self Service Windows OS update


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This document is intended to instruct end users on how to complete operating system updates for Windows 10 or Windows 11 on an OIT Supported device.







Microsoft releases updates to the Windows operating system that OIT automatically schedules to be deployed to your computers once a year. We notify you ahead of time when this happens but you can control the process and do it at your own leisure to decrease the impact. This update may take several hours or longer to complete. We recommend starting this at the end of the day to run overnight - close of business on a workday or Friday is a good time to start it.

Windows version updates are an annual event which typically occur in the fall, but can occur at other times as well. Your files will not be affected by this update


Updates typically will require 25 GB Free on the C: drive. 


IMPORTANT: Make sure your computer is connected to power before you start. Please let the process complete. Do NOT restart or power off your machine after the update has started.

On your computer, click "Start."

Type Software Center.

Click on “Software Center”. 

Image showing how to find Software Center in Windows 10

Click on the tab "Updates" on the left.  Windows 10 users have the option of upgrading to Windows 11 23H2 (if compatible) or Windows 11 users have the option to update to Version 23H2 by selecting "Windows 11, version 23H2 x64 2024-05B”.



Click Install (if it starts installing on its own, let it proceed). 

Click Install again, if prompted.


Upgrade will start installing.

When updates are complete and the system is rebooted, it could take several minutes to several hours, depending on hardware resources, to complete the updates.

Estimated Time Frames

The time to complete the installation and post-installation tasks is an estimate.  In some instances, it may take longer. Please let the process complete.


Do NOT restart or power off your machine after the update has started.

There are times during the initial installation where Windows may appear to be frozen on a specific screen for hours. Just leave it overnight to process.  If it persists overnight, please call the Help Desk (515-HELP) and we will assist you.





Any questions on process or content contained in this document should be escalated through the NCSU Help desk and a have an incident assigned to the OIT_DESKTOP_SUPPORT team. 



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Title: Self Service Windows OS update
Service: Windows Patching via SCCM
Template if applicable: NA
Assignment Group(s): OIT_DESKTOP_SUPPORT
Available Priorities: High, Medium, Low 
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