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Customer Center: Cancel a Service Request


5.0 - Updated on 2023-11-28 by Alice Thurman

4.0 - Updated on 2022-08-23 by Alice Thurman

3.0 - Updated on 2022-03-31 by Alice Thurman

2.0 - Updated on 2021-08-19 by Alice Thurman

1.0 - Authored on 2021-08-19 by Alice Thurman

This article explains the procedure to cancel a Request from the system. This will result in your request displaying as VOID and the action cannot be undone.

Note: You can only cancel a request if it is listed as a Service Request (SR number). Once the Request has been assigned and turned into an Order (SO number), the Cancel Request button will not display. You will need to contact Customer Service by phone: 5-7099, option 3, or by email: to make changes to your request once it’s become an Order.

  1. From the Home page of Customer Center, hover over the Shopping menu and click Request Tracking.
  2. Click on the Request you wish to cancel.
  3. Click the Cancel Request button in the top right-hand corner of the page when the Request Details page opens.
  4. The Cancel Request pop-up window will open where you will be asked to provide a reason for canceling.


    Note: You do not need to specify a reason.
  5. Click Submit.

Note: While you will see the Requests/Orders placed by all Coordinators in your department, you may only cancel the requests that YOU have made.