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Customer Center: Business Communication Services Audit


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This article explains the processes to conduct an audit of your services.

Business phones and communication services are essential tools for employees, but many departments are unaware of how many active services they have or where they are located. Therefore, there are three parts of a thorough Business Communications Services Audit:

  1. Active Department Coordinators - Managing who has access to the management of your department's telecom services is vital.
  2. Service Costs - Understanding the cost of your services will assist you in viewing your bill and checking your call details. Refer to the ComTech Services Rates table. 
  3. Service Location - Accurate records of phone locations are critical to maintaining the E911 database.  E911 is a service that automatically displays the telephone number and physical location of the 911 caller on the emergency operator's screen. Unlike Basic 911 service, the distressed caller has to tell the operator where they are calling.

Active Department Coordinators

The best way to determine who is an Active Department Coordinator for your department is to use the ComTech Coordinator Search Tool. The list is populated in real-time so that changes made to PCR are reflected immediately.

Note: If you are working remotely (off-campus), you'll need to be connected to the VPN for this tool to work.

 Export to CSV 

  1. On the Home page of Customer Center, in the Active Services & Equipment section, make sure the Search field is blank.
  2. Click Export to CSV and choose All Data.
  3. The list will download, and you should see it in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.
  1. Click to download and open the list in Excel.
  2. You can sort and filter the list like any other spreadsheet. In the next section, we'll explore some options.

Conduct an Audit

If you need assistance, email Alice Thurman -