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Jabber: Generate and Send a Cisco Jabber Problem Report


2.0 - Updated on 2022-04-05 by Alice Thurman

1.0 - Authored on 2021-08-26 by Alice Thurman

This document explains how to generate and send a Cisco Jabber client problem report if an end-user experiences issues with Cisco Jabber.

Jabber for Windows

  1. From the Jabber client, click the Gear icon > Help > Report a problem.
  2. Select the area where the problem occurs in the next window.
  3. Fill in the summary of the issue and steps to reproduce the problem.
  4. Save the report locally to your Desktop.
  5. Open your email client and attach the report to an email and send the email to

 Jabber for MAC

  1. From the Jabber client, click the File menu > Help > Report a Problem.
  2. From the Cisco Unified Problem Reporting window, fill in the issue information and select Continue.

  3. Enter a contact email address and capture a screenshot of any error messages, then click Generate.
  4. Record the Problem Report Location on the next window and email the report to